S. Petersburg, Grandmaket Russia

S. Petersburg, Grandmaket Russia

A week ago I visited S.Petersburg. Today I’ll tell you about new show-museum Grandmaket Russia which is situated not far from the city center. Its size is 800 square meters.


The model presents the model of everyday life in Russia. Everyday situations demonstrate different types of human activity. Visitors have the opportunity to set things in motion on the model with interactive buttons.


Every 13 minutes on the layout there is a change of day and night. As light sources for the first time in the world was used more than 500,000 high power LEDs of different colors.You can also see changes of seasons.

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The movement of cars as close as possible to reality: cars and buses stop at traffic lights and stops, blink signal lights, change traffic speeds. Trains are really wonderful. To optimize the railway traffic on the layout at several levels stacked more than 2500 meters of rails. The total number of units — more than 2,700, of which 250 locomotives and 10 special cleaning trains.


The work of the model should constantly monitor.

2016-10-09 15-27-46.JPG

I think, it’s worth seeing.


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